How We Craft a Tungsten and Wood Ring (For An Instant Classic You’ll Love)

How We Craft a Tungsten and Wood Ring (For An Instant Classic You’ll Love) - Gentlemen's Bands

If you’re looking for a unique style of a men’s wedding band that is timeless and modern, allow us to Introduce The Excavator!

It’s a tungsten and wood ring that is certain to turn heads and stand out from the crowd. 

Silver Tungsten Carbide Rings

As we’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of wedding bands for men these days that go beyond the traditional gold and silver rings that we remember our dads and grandfathers wearing. (Check out a post we did recently for 5 Tips to Help Pick the Best Metal For Men’s Wedding Bands if you’d like some help deciding.)

Tungsten Carbide is one of the metals we work with a lot that receives many rave reviews. Besides being one of the toughest substances on earth, it’s impressive what ring makers can do with it. For several examples, you can see what comes up when you search “tungsten” on our site.

Its natural state is a dark grey, but it can be infused with a really cool black coating or polished to a brilliant silver. 

Tungsten originates from a Swedish word that means “heavy stone.” And you can certainly tell when it’s on your finger! However, it’s not so heavy that it’s uncomfortable to wear. It’s more like a definite “presence” that you can’t ignore…steadily reminding you that it’s there, it’s strong, and it’s not going anywhere. (A lot like how the guy wearing it sends a similar message to the one he loves—the reason he’s wearing a ring in the first place!)

Before we move on, here’s a quick side note about comfort. Our rings are handcrafted with a smooth and wearable curvature inside the band. The way we make them is where the rubber meets the road…or, rather, where the metal meets the finger…you’re going to love how it feels.

Men’s Silver Titanium Wedding Bands

Another top metal that we love to use is titanium. It’s the lighter cousin of tungsten carbide but no less versatile. (Here are a few rings we’ve created using it.) 

Titanium has proven to be extremely lightweight and durable. It is a top choice for use in cars, aircraft, and medical devices. (Imagine walking around with a hip replacement that weighed several pounds!) You can’t beat titanium for a ring that is comfortable to wear 24/7 without noticing it.

Silver and Wood Men’s Wedding Band

The Excavator is an incredible combination of silver and wood. The best way to describe this distinctive wedding band (or engagement ring) is classic and contemporary all at the same time. We designed it to feature carefully inlaid wood at the center bordered by two narrow black strips. Silver accents separate the elements, creating an eye-popping contrast.

It’s a beautiful ring whether the metal base is tungsten or titanium. We recommend tungsten–that’s what we used in the example on the product page–but we can craft one for you using whatever you prefer. 

You have some choices regarding the type of wood you choose. The inlay could be a thin slice of a retired whiskey barrel (for a cool nod to a beverage-related pastime, perhaps?) or koa wood from Hawaii (as a tribute to a carefree island spirit). 

The black inlays can be your choice of several materials, all of which look great on this ring. Pick from carbon fiber or even meteorite if you want!

The end result is a silver and wood men’s wedding band that pictures don’t do justice. To be fully appreciated, the ring needs to be seen in person. (Even though we’re convinced that once you see this ring, you’ll never even dream of returning it, we are ready to stand by our 30-day Return Policy if you change your mind.)

Tungsten, Wood, and You–What A Great Combination!

No matter which ring you choose, all of our rings come with a rock-solid lifetime warranty. While it can be nearly impossible to damage them, it can happen. In the unlikely event you need assistance with a repair, we’ll gladly do whatever it takes to make it as good as new again.

Once you’ve figured out your ring size, we’ll get to work crafting one of the most unique wedding bands you (or probably anyone around) has ever seen. You’ll love how it looks, how you feel wearing it, and how well it represents you and your relationship with the one you love.

Check out The Excavator or browse our store to find the perfect band today! We can’t wait to get started!

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