How “The Artisan” Ring Combines Koa Wood and Tungsten In a Stunning Way

How “The Artisan” Ring Combines Koa Wood and Tungsten In a Stunning Way - Gentlemen's Bands

Aloha, wedding band shopper! Your search is over!

You’ve been scouring the internet. You’ve been in and out of the stores at the mall. You’ve even been trying to peek at rings on other people’s fingers without them noticing. 

You’ve looked and looked, but nothing seems quite “right.” We get it. Finding the perfect ring can be exhausting and frustrating. 

Say hello to The Artisan, a koa wood tungsten ring that is simply awesome!

Once you get to know this wedding band, you’ll be able to get back to watching the TikToks, resting your aching feet, and trying to look at total strangers’ hands. 

Tungsten and Koa Wood Rings

Let’s start with some basics. What is a tungsten and koa ring made of?

The Artisan is made by taking a tungsten carbide band and placing a wide koa wood inlay right in its center. Often, when a ring features some type of inlay, it’s an accent to the rest of the ring.

With this band, the koa wood inlay is the main focal point. The Tungsten band is simply the backdrop and delivery vehicle for the beautiful wood that makes this ring one of a kind.

Here’s how each of the two elements that make this ring begin and then come together to achieve wedding band awesomeness:

Tungsten Carbide 

For The Artisan, we start with a tungsten carbide band. As we’ve talked about before in other posts, tungsten is one of the toughest materials on the planet. 

(Nerd alert: it’s actually a compound made from tungsten and carbon. The reason is that tungsten in one of its purest forms is really brittle, making it hard to work with. Another pure form is extremely moldable. Neither works well if you’re making a ring. Combining tungsten with carbon results in a strong and workable material that’s nothing short of amazing.)

Tungsten carbide is one of our favorite materials to work with for several reasons:

  • It is twice as hard as steel
  • It has the highest melting point of all known elements
  • It is incredibly dense (a lot like uranium or gold)

So when a guy is wearing a tungsten carbide ring, he knows it!

But even though it is hefty, it isn’t uncomfortable to wear. The way we shape the inside of the ring (the part that touches your finger) and create just the right curve, we can craft a wearable ring 24/7. 

Hawaiian Koa Wood

Koa wood rings are probably some of the most beautiful things we get to work with. There is a richness to the patterns in koa wood grain that is unlike any other type of wood.

One of the reasons for its uniqueness is its chatoyancy. “Chato-what?!” you say?

Chatoyancy is a fun word to say that describes the 3-D effect that some gemstones have. But it can also be used to describe a certain look found in some hardwoods such as koa.

You’ve probably seen it but just didn’t know what it was. It’s when you can look at a piece of wood and almost swear that the grain is shifting depending on where you stand. 

As light bounces off of light and dark fibers of wood that have grown in a sort of “wave” pattern, it creates an optical illusion that causes the wood to look like it’s moving. Koa trees frequently grow that way because of different stresses, so the effect is noticeable in them.

Because Koa trees are found only in Hawaii (and even then, it only grows best on the higher elevations of the Big Island), they are one of the rarest and most expensive hardwoods in the world. Hearne Hardwoods in southeast Pennsylvania has some incredible pictures on their site that show just how beautiful koa can be; some of the samples almost look like silk!

When we take a sliver of koa and use it to create an inlay for a wedding band, you can guarantee that there won’t ever be another one like it in the entire world. The combination of one-of-a-kind wood and durable, heavy-duty metal is something that will turn heads and draw compliments for the rest of your life.

That’s just the kind of thing we believe you deserve.

Your Koa Wood Tungsten Ring is Waiting

If you’re ready to have us handcraft a “1 of 1” wedding band to help you declare your special love to the world, we’re ready to get started!

We’ve been creating unique rings right here in the U.S. for years, and we love walking with our clients as they select their perfect band. 

  • Every ring ships free in the U.S.
  • All of our rings come with a lifetime guarantee meaning that if anything ever happens to your ring due to normal wear, we’ll make it right. If we can’t repair it, we’ll replace it.
  • Any ring you purchase can be returned or exchanged within 30 days with no hassle whatsoever!

You’ve got nothing to lose!

Check out The Artisan today or contact us with any questions you have. We look forward to helping you get the perfect ring on your finger!

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