What is My Ring Size?

We here at Gentlemen’s Bands carry standard US men’s ring sizes, however many of our rings are “comfort fit,” which can tend to fit a little bigger. Now you can google how to measure your ring size but to really nail it the first time use our Gentlemen’s Bands ring sizer right in your home.

  1. Measure your ring size right at home using our Gentlemen’s Bands Ring sizer. It’s only $13 and it ships FREE. To use our ring sizer its best to measure a few times at different times of the day (after workout, after waking up, when hands are cold) to ensure you have the right size. Simply remove the ring size you need from the chain and wear it for a few hours. You want the smallest ring that feels the best. You want to have to twist it a little to get it over your knuckle. Otherwise it’ll slide off every time you wash your hands!
  2. Go to a local jeweler to get professionally sized. Do this at least twice, at different times of the day, to be sure you have it right. Scroll down for tips on this.
  3. For our international ring size chart, scroll down here.
  4. If you’re exchanging and need some tips on what size to get next, scroll down here.
  5. If you have already been sized by a jeweler, we recommend the following: Disclaimer: the below works about 80% of the time. It is a guide, not a guarantee. Getting our ring sizer or getting sized by a jeweler for comfort fit (in the width you would like) are your best options to hit a slam dunk on sizing.

    For 6mm Comfort fit rings, order a half size down from your standard size

    For 8mm Comfort fit rings, order your true standard size
  6. REMEMBER ALWAYS ALWAYS try on your ring BEFORE the wedding. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. There should be a little resistance in taking it off – you should have to twist it a little to get it over your knuckle. Don’t lose your new ring on your honeymoon!!

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