5 Tips To Help Pick The Best Metal For Men’s Wedding Bands

5 Tips To Help Pick The Best Metal For Men’s Wedding Bands - Gentlemen's Bands

What is the best metal for men’s wedding bands? Glad you asked. We’ve got a few answers! Picking the best metal for your wedding band is a very personal decision.

You’re the only person who can truly know if your ring is a perfect fit. That said, we do have some advice to help you make your decision.

How to Pick the Best Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands

  1. Preference
    We realize it sounds like a cop-out to just say “pick the one you want.” But preference is a good place to start because, ultimately, that’s what it comes down to when it’s time to buy.Each person’s individual tastes are different, which is why we offer such a variety of rings for you to consider. When narrowing down your options, think about:

a. Style – Look for a ring metal that fits your “look.” Sporty? Rugged? Urban? Dapper? When         you pick a ring that matches the style you’ve already developed, people tend to say “oh yeah, that ring is so you!”

b. Personality – Beyond the way to present yourself to the world every day, you want a ring that goes well with who you are. Quiet and subtle? Fun and outgoing? Strong and no-nonsense? Choose a ring that clicks with how you approach life.

c. Uniqueness – Is there something about you that just stands out from the crowd? Do you enjoy marching to your own drumbeat? There are rings that feature one-of-a-kind materials (like The Swagger that we highlighted in another blog post) that can definitely set your new wedding band apart!

  1. Activities

What you’re involved in day-to-day can have a lot to do with deciding the best metal for your men’s wedding band. If you are in a low-impact indoor setting most of the time (holding down an office job or living the life of a hand model), you don’t have to worry too much about durability.

But if you frequently find yourself lumberjacking or bare-knuckle boxing, you probably want to go with a tougher metal.

(Side note: We include a complimentary silicone activity band with every ring we sell. You know…just in case you decide to take up masonry or something.)

3. Fit

If it doesn’t feel good, you’re not going to want to wear it! Even though every ring we make features a smoothly rounded “comfort fit” inner layer, some metals are cut thicker than others.

We guarantee that your ring will feel great on your finger, but some will just be more noticeable than others.

4. Weight

Disclaimer: The heavy metal bands we feature at Gentlemen’s Bands do not include Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, or Metallica…although, we appreciate their contributions.

Instead, we craft some of our favorite heavier rings out of Tungsten. On the lighter side, we have a lot of men’s rings made from Titanium. Then there are several in between. (More on all those in a minute.)

Basically, the thing to keep in mind here is that different metals have different densities, so each ring will have a different feel on your finger depending on the material from which it is made.

As we mentioned above, one ring may be more noticeable to you as you wear it than another, but it’ll never be uncomfortable. All of our rings come with a Built to Wear 24/7 guarantee.

5. Care

Some metals don’t care if you ever clean them; others practically demand to be polished and put away carefully every single day. Kind of like considering your activity intensity, think about how much time you want to put into keeping your ring looking Gucci.

Men’s Wedding Band Metals

Now that we’ve got you thinking about what’s important to you in a ring, here are a few of the metals we work with regularly and what we like about them:

  1. Tungsten – This is one tough metal! It has the highest melting point of any other mineral (you could fall into a volcano and the ring would survive), it’s incredibly scratch resistant, and just feels solid. Manly men…this is for you.It is also known as the mineral Wolframite, so it even sports a beastly name! Check out The Hero for a hammered metal men’s wedding ring made from Tungsten with a carbon fiber inlay.
  2. Titanium – Lightweight, sleek, and strong. Titanium is a great choice if you want a durable ring that is so light you forget it’s there. It’s commonly used in airplanes, spacecraft, sports gear, and medical equipment (it has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic). If you’re sporty and indestructible, this could be the metal for you! Consider the appropriately named ring, The Titanium.
  3. Stainless Steel – A combination of iron, carbon, and chromium, stainless steel has found its way into almost every part of our lives…from cookware to tools to cars. Like the other metals we’ve mentioned, it is heavy-duty and long-lasting.It is incredibly scratch resistant and can handle just about anything you throw its way (except for chlorine, so take these rings off before you show ‘em your cannonball).For guys who are a Jack of all trades, like a human Leatherman, and don’t want to worry about what they’re getting their ring into, stainless steel may be the way to go.
  4. White Gold – Gold is a classic precious metal, and it’s a very traditional wedding band metal. White gold is created when yellow gold is mixed with an alloy like nickel or platinum. It gives the look of platinum without the price. It’s shine looks incredible next to diamonds or other inlays. Plus, it is much more malleable, making it easier to work with if you ever need to resize it.Guys who are classics themselves, appreciating the value of tradition and style, are sure to enjoy wearing white gold as a symbol of their timeless love.

Whatever Your Metal, We’ve Got You Covered

At Gentlemen’s Bands, we’ve handcrafted unique men’s rings out of all kinds of metals for years! When you’re ready, we would love to help you select the best metal for your men’s wedding band.

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