How the Men’s Fire Opal Wedding Band Could Be the Perfect Ring

How the Men’s Fire Opal Wedding Band Could Be the Perfect Ring - Gentlemen's Bands

If you’re looking for a ring that makes a statement and gets compliments, we invite you to take a look at our men’s Fire Opal wedding band.

We think this ring is an unexpected and exceptional combination of elements that you’ll love!

Meet Our Men’s Fire Opal Wedding Band

The Fire Opal band isn’t satisfied with just being a one kind of ring. It exceeds the ordinary by combining not one, not two, but three features that would each make a ring amazing all by themselves! 

We do our best to take great pictures of our products, but these images admittedly don’t do justice to the Fire Opal men’s wedding band. The unique combination of elements we use to perfect this ring makes it look even more impressive in person. (Trust us!)

We’re convinced that you’ll love it as soon as it’s on your finger! (That’s why we don’t hesitate to offer a 100% 30-day “no questions asked” guarantee…it’s our way of betting that you won’t want to return it!)

Tungsten Opal Ring

At its core, the Fire Opal is anchored by a  rose gold tungsten band. As we’ve talked about before, tungsten is one tough metal. (Check out 5 Tips to Help Pick the Best Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands.)

It is incredibly scratch-resistant, nearly unbreakable, won’t tarnish, and has the highest melting point of any other mineral. If you’re looking for a strong ring that can handle whatever comes its way, tungsten is for you.

We could have easily mounted an opal inlay onto a plain silver, gray, or black tungsten band and called it a day, but that just didn’t seem like enough. To earn the name “Fire Opal,” it needed more.

Wood Opal Ring

So we thought, what about a wood opal ring? The contrast between the bright blue opal inlay and the natural beauty of a wood ring would have been a cool pairing. But we still felt that this ring had even more potential.

We realized that we needed to take our ring designing imaginations to a whole different level. Tungsten alone wasn’t enough. Wood alone wasn’t enough. What if we married them all together to create a piece that wasn’t merely an accent, but a statement? Our vision led to a beautiful combination that is truly unique. 

Koa Wood Blue Opal Tungsten Ring

We took tungsten carbide (incredibly strong), made it a rose gold color (incredibly beautiful), added Hawaiian koa wood (incredibly rare) and a blue opal inlay (incredibly incredible), and…wow. This ring seriously looks like it’s on fire when you wear it!

The rose gold metal frames the entire presentation on the outer edges. Flanked by the rose gold are two thin bands of stunning Hawaiian koa wood with all of its natural markings. A couple more rings of gold showcase a trail of dazzlingly blue opal in the center of it all. 

It looks like a pristine river running through a forest at sunset!

Check Out the Men’s Fire Opal Wedding Band

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary gift, or just a great ring for men (maybe even just to treat yourself?), our men’s Fire Opal wedding band may be just what you’re looking for. You’ll also notice its price point of $240 makes style and expert craftsmanship surprisingly accessible. Click the link to its product page below to see more of this beautiful wood ring with opal inlay. (And to check out what our clients are saying about it!)

We’re a small business serving our clients above and beyond their expectations. All of our rings are handcrafted in the USA, and we love hearing how pleased our clients are with our work. 

All of our rings come with free shipping in the U.S., a comfort fit, and a lifetime warranty. Each of our bands includes a handsome gift box. And while this ring is super durable we also toss in a silicone activity band for days you’re hitting the gym hard or getting dirty in the yard and prefer an alternative.

Check out the Fire Opal today, and let’s get started on one for you!

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