3 Reasons Men’s Silver Titanium Wedding Bands Are Worthy of Your Finger

3 Reasons Men’s Silver Titanium Wedding Bands Are Worthy of Your Finger - Gentlemen's Bands

Men’s silver titanium wedding bands may have just gotten to the party, but they’re starting to steal the show!

As a ring, titanium hasn’t been an option until the last 30 years or so. Considering how long people have been wearing rings and other jewelry–like, since the beginning of time!–30 years may as well have been yesterday!

There was a time when your only option for a wedding band was gold. (If you were super edgy, maybe you got one in silver.) However, times have changed, and the sky is the limit! 

For several excellent reasons, titanium has quickly become a favorite among the gentlemanly crowd. Read on, and discover why a titanium band might be perfect for you!

Men’s Silver Titanium Wedding Bands

As we said, titanium wedding bands haven’t been available for very long, even though titanium itself has been on the scene for over 250 years. It was discovered by a gent named William Gregor in Cornwall, England. 

As it turns out, it’s the 9th most common element on the planet, we just had no idea! In fact, you’ve probably seen it and didn’t realize it. The next time you’re at the beach, scoop up some sand and see if you notice dark black specks—that’s titanium ore.

No one knew how to do anything useful with it until the 1930s when William Kroll, a metal-working genius from Luxembourg, figured out how to make it into a metal that could be shaped. He was working in Germany around the time the Nazis were taking over. Seeing trouble ahead, he split for the U.S. bringing his titanium knowledge with him.

By 1940, the U.S. had set up a research center in Colorado, and the race to do things with this new and exciting metal was on!

It was known in those early years as the “Wonder Metal,” and many people came down with what was called “titanium disease.” The number one symptom was the inability to stop talking about how awesome titanium was! 

Anyway, before long, it was showing up in aircraft parts, medical equipment, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and all kinds of things. Anything that needs to be lightweight and strong looks to titanium for the answer.

We’re not sure exactly who the first person was to shape it into a ring, but we’re forever grateful. We love working with this metal so much, that we think that person needs a monument….made from titanium, of course.

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What Makes Titanium Rings for Men So Great?

Here are just a few reasons titanium is such a great choice for men’s wedding bands:

  • Tough. It’s named after the Greek god Titan for crying out loud! They don’t just give those names away!
    • Titanium is one of the strongest metals on earth. So naturally, it’s a great fit for guys who can’t help but take their strength with them wherever they go.
  • Light. Like an elite athlete, titanium doesn’t have to have a lot of weight to be able to be strong. Guys who want to be able to proudly wear their ring all day in comfort, knowing that it can withstand whatever they put it through, need a titanium band.
  • Unchangeable. The corrosion resistance of titanium is off the charts! It can come in contact with all kinds of nasty chemicals and not even blink. Acid, chlorine…bring it on.
    • If you’re shopping for the kind of guy who can confidently stay the course without checking to see which way the winds of change are blowing, he’ll appreciate titanium. 

How We Make Our Silver Titanium Wedding Band

When we went to create the perfect titanium ring, we decided to pair the strength and awesomeness of the metal we’ve just been gushing over with the warmth and beauty of rosewood.

And behold…”The Titanium!

Brushed titanium and a rosewood inlay come together in this ring so well that pictures don’t do it justice. The result is an 8mm band that is classy, rugged, and masculine. And it is sure to get a ton of compliments!

For some reason, with a lot of men’s rings, jewelers feel the need to create all kinds of cool etchings and designs in an attempt to make their rings stand out. With “The Titanium,” we just let the elements speak for themselves.

Simple brushed titanium + rosewood (with grain patterns so unique that no two rings are alike) = a wedding band you’ll be passing to future generations.

Your Men’s Silver Titanium Wedding Bands Are Here!

Check out “The Titanium” then get in touch with us to get one started just for you!

  • We create handcrafted custom rings right here in the U.S.
  • All of our rings ship for free in the continental U.S.
  • Every one of them comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Sizing is easy with our simple ring sizer (or stop by your local jeweler)


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