Why Men’s Black Wedding Bands Are Huge Right Now (And 2 Options to Consider)

Why Men’s Black Wedding Bands Are Huge Right Now (And 2 Options to Consider) - Gentlemen's Bands

You aren’t like everyone else. Why should your wedding band be?

Unfortunately, standing out from the crowd has often meant coming across as flashy or tacky. But there’s a better option. 

For guys who are stylish, sleek, sexy, and just a little dangerous, a men’s black wedding band is the way to go.

Men’s Black Wedding Bands

For centuries, the traditional men’s wedding ring was either plain yellow/gold or sterling silver. Those are still great choices, but there are so many more options now.

Over the past several years, there has been a trend toward guys choosing black wedding bands. They’re a little edgier than the rings from earlier generations, but they still have a classy look. 

And there are endless ways to get a unique ring when you start adding in metals, textures, and extra touches (guitar strings, wood inlays, or Gibeon meteorite, anyone?).

For most men, their wedding band is probably the only piece of jewelry they ever wear. With many guys having to maintain a business-casual image or wear a uniform of some sort in their jobs, it’s not like they can cover themselves with a lot of bling anyway. 

So the real estate around their finger is a great place to express their personality a little. Plus, black goes with everything!

Let’s take a look at a couple of the top choices when it comes to black rings for him!

Black Titanium Wedding Bands

First up, titanium—this is a hugely popular option for men’s wedding bands. It’s incredibly lightweight. You hardly notice that it’s on your finger at all! And it’s extremely tough; in fact, it has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any other metal.

Titanium is already a big part of our lives. It’s used in airplanes, cars, medical devices, and sports equipment. (The lightest bicycle in the world only weighs 6 lbs, thanks to titanium!)

So this is a great band to pick if you want a 24/7 ring that doesn’t weigh much or if you have allergies to other metals. 

Titanium is naturally silver, so jewelers cover it with an additional layer of diamond-like carbon (or DLC) to get that cool black look. Now, before you go thinking your ring is going to be coated in diamonds, remember that’s just the name. It’s a super-durable carbon material that has the same chemical properties as diamonds. 

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Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

The second men’s black wedding band we see many people choosing is made from Tungsten carbide. (We highlighted one of our creations, “The Genius,” in another post if you want to check one out.)

Tungsten is the heavier brother to titanium. Both are remarkably tough, but if they were on the same football team, tungsten would be the linebacker while titanium would be a wide receiver.

Tungsten is one of the most solid metals on the planet. It can withstand a robust amount of pressure, so this ring might be a good choice if your man tends toward a heavy-duty lifestyle, this ring might be a good choice for him. 

Like titanium, Tungsten carbide is naturally grayish or silver-looking. We make it black by embedding a DLC layer. Picture a glossy high-end paint job on a tank, and that’s what it’s like to sport a black Tungsten carbide wedding band on your hand. 

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We’ve Got Your Black Rings For Men

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for high-quality black rings for men!

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Every ring we make (by hand right here in the USA) ships free domestically and comes with a lifetime warranty. If anything ever happens to your ring, just let us know, and we’ll make it right!

Your ring will also come with a free activity band (so you can protect your finger candy while you work or play hard) and a unique box to store it in when you’re not wowing everyone who sees you wear it.

So, go ahead and let us know which ring you want us to get started on for you!

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