3 Cool Ways Wood and Metal Men’s Wedding Bands Can Set You Apart

3 Cool Ways Wood and Metal Men’s Wedding Bands Can Set You Apart - Gentlemen's Bands

When most people think of rings, they think of metal.

That makes sense. Metal is what rings have been traditionally made of for centuries—gold and silver are the two most common. But did you know that you don’t have to settle for traditional?

We’ve noticed a cool new trend with wood and metal men’s wedding bands. Shoot, it may be more than a trend. It might become a whole new tradition!

When it comes to unique rings and men’s wedding bands made using wood and metal, you’ve got several ways you can go:

  • Wood ring – total tree; no metal at all
  • Metal ring with wood sleeve – the outside is metal; the inside part (that’s in contact with your finger) is made out of wood
  • Metal ring with wood inlays – the ring is metal with grooves around the outside; thin curved pieces of wood are fitted into the grooves
  • Metal ring with wood inlay and something extra – metal ring, grooves with wood, and a second inlay made from some super unique bonus materials (we’ll talk more about those options in a little while…)

But first, let’s unpack each of these variations a little more to help guide you to the wedding band or engagement ring that’s perfect for you!

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Men’s Wood Wedding Bands

For a manly ring that just screams “down-to-earth, natural kind of guy,” you can’t beat a ring that is entirely made of wood. It’s just one of those rings that says a lot about the personality of the guy wearing it the instant you see it.

Maybe your guy is a big-time outdoorsman. Maybe the hobby he obsesses over is woodworking. Or maybe living sustainably and saving the planet is his passion.

Whatever the reason, there’s just something about an all-wood ring that can only be worn by certain kinds of guys.

There is one downside to a ring that is completely made from wood: it can be damaged easily.

Think about how you have to treat antique furniture. You’re careful with it to avoid getting scratches or dents in it, right? And you don’t want it getting wet either, right?

Wood rings are like that. And if you’re going to wear one, you have to be prepared to take extremely good care of it. And while they’re hard to break, it’s not impossible if they get hit with the right amount of force. You’ll constantly be taking it off and on to avoid messing it up.

That can be a lot of hassle! That’s why, at Gentlemen’s Bands, we go the extra step to combine the awesome look of wood with the strength and durability of metal. Wood and metal men’s wedding bands solve the problem.

Here are 3 ways you can get the look you want without the worry:

  1. Men’s Metal Bands With a Wood Sleeve
    A ring with a wood sleeve is metal on the outside and wooden on the inside. We recently featured one of our most popular ones, The Whiskey Barrel, in another post ➡️Read More. You can check that out for a perfect example of a beautiful wood sleeve with tons of character and a cool backstory. Some other ways we incorporate wood sleeves into metal bands can be seen in The Damascus, The Guinness, and The Rebellion (feature left to right below).



    The advantage of a wood sleeve is that you get the subtle look and feel of wood around your finger with a tough metal band providing protection from the bumps and scratches of everyday life.

  2. Men’s Wedding Bands With a Wood Inlay
    But what if you want to show off the texture of the wood grain a little more? Since a sleeve is hidden up against your finger, only you and the people in your life who have up-close access to your hands will normally know it’s there. A metal band with a wood inlay might be your solution.

    With these, we create a band out of whatever metal you like: tungsten, black tungsten, titanium, stainless steel, rose gold, white gold, silver–you name it! Then we carefully cut away a portion of the outside of the ring to make room for a narrow band of wood.

    Once the two elements are fitted together seamlessly, you end up with incredible-looking rings like The Artisan or The Ashburn.

  3. Men’s Metal Rings With Wood Inlay Plus A Little More
    This is the “unique bonus material” part we hinted at earlier.Perhaps you’re the kind of guy who just isn’t satisfied with something that’s a little bit different. You want a whole lot of different!

    If that’s the case, imagine leveling up a metal ring with a wood inlay by adding something like a deer antler, seashell, a guitar string, a meteorite, or even a dinosaur bone!

    If we can put one inlay into a ring, who says we can’t put two…or more?!

    Adding just a little bit of any of these one-of-a-kind elements to your metal and wood ring gets you results like: The Aloha, The Cowboy, or The Whiskey Guitarist.

When it comes to men’s wedding bands made from wood and metal, we’ve got you covered!

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