14 Unique Materials to Make Your Wedding Band Stand Out

14 Unique Materials to Make Your Wedding Band Stand Out - Gentlemen's Bands

Unique wedding bands and alternative engagement rings are a great way to stand out and declare your marriage to the world in a way that’s unique and distinct.

At Gentlemen’s Bands, we don’t do ordinary. Within our extensive collection of statement pieces, you’re sure to find a men’s wedding band to fit any style—from rugged outdoorsmen to dapper dans. If you’re shopping for a ring that goes against the grain, check out some of our options below.

Non-Traditional Wedding Ring Options

  • Titanium Rings – Made from a lightweight metal that is comfortable and durable, titanium rings are a very popular choice. Titanium can be polished smooth or left rugged and textured, and they’re easily engraved with any design you can imagine.
  • Tungsten Rings – These men’s wedding bands are made from tungsten carbide, a powder that gets pressed into a form. Once it hardens, it is really hard. That’s one of the main reasons people love them. They’re also extremely scratch resistant, won’t tarnish, and cost a lot less than traditional gold.
  • Men’s Black Wedding Bands – In rings, black is the new…well…black. If you want a dark ring that isn’t cheap silicone, consider something like black tungsten (just as scratch-resistant even with a coating), carbon fiber, titanium, or steel. Sleek and modern, but never out of style.
  • Rose Gold Wedding Bands – Rose gold is actually an alloy made by combining gold and copper. The result is a fresh take on the traditional gold ring. If you’re wanting to be different without being too daring, this could be a good option.

Unique Wedding Bands for Men

  • Antler Rings – This is where things start to get interesting! Imagine one of the metals above fused with a piece of your favorite pastime. We can do some really cool things with deer antlers so that when you can’t be in the great outdoors, a little bit of it is always with you.
  • Meteorite Wedding Bands – If your true love “fell from heaven,” maybe your ring should, too. Meteorite men’s wedding bands are made from pieces of comets, asteroids, or meteors that have crashed into our planet from outer space. The resulting metal is made of nickel-iron crystals that form into natural swirls and patterns, and no two rings are ever alike.
  • Men’s Hammered Wedding Bands – Metal rings don’t have to be smooth. A hammered texture can give your ring a different look, even if it’s made from traditional materials. They come out looking rugged and hand-made, but they’re still comfortable enough to wear every day.
  • Men’s Wooden Wedding Rings – No one ever said your ring has to be made of metal. How about sporting a unique wedding band made from wood? We work with several species of wood that make incredibly beautiful and durable rings. Old-growth heartwoods have already withstood years and years of everything nature can throw at them, and with the same basic care you’d give any ring they’ll last you a lifetime.
  • Koa Wood Rings – In Hawaii, “koa” means “warrior.” Long ago, they used this strong and durable wood to make canoes and weapons. Over time, because it is so rare, it was only owned by Hawaiian nobility. So if you’re looking for a special symbol of strength and refinement, consider koa wood.
  • Guitar String Rings – Incorporating a guitar string into your wedding band is a great way to blend your love of music with the new love of your life. It’s a cool touch that can be added to virtually any other ring material you like.
  • Bourbon Barrel Rings – The aging process of whiskey leaves some really interesting patterns in the wood of the barrels. They can only be used for making bourbon once, then they’re repurposed for all kinds of things. So how about infusing a little flavor into your wedding band whether it’s the entire ring, the inner lining, or an accent?
  • Abalone Shell Rings – Abalone is a sea mollusk that has an amazingly iridescent shell. Sometimes called mother-of-pearl, these shells are incorporated into all kinds of jewelry. Since no two are alike, they’re the snowflakes of the ocean. If your heart belongs to the sea, maybe having a piece of abalone in your ring is what you need.
  • Men’s Opal Wedding Bands – Opal is made when water seeps into the earth’s crust collecting silica and depositing it into cracks and voids. Opal has long been associated with love, romance, and faithfulness. With endless varieties and patterns available, an opal inlay can be a unique and meaningful addition to any ring.

Explore Our Wedding Band Collection

The days of “one style fits all” are over when it comes to men’s wedding bands. You are really only limited by your imagination when it comes to what an alternative wedding ring can be made of and how it looks. The fact that you’ve looked through these options tells us that you’re not willing to settle for typical.

Dare to be different. It looks good on you.

When you’re ready to find a ring that fits you perfectly in every way, take a look at our online store. You can shop by material or shop by collection, and see why we don’t do ordinary. ➡️ Shop Now

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