Tungsten vs Titanium: What’s the Difference and Which is Best for You

Tungsten vs Titanium: What’s the Difference and Which is Best for You - Gentlemen's Bands

At Gentlemen’s Bands, we’re proud to be able to offer unique high-quality men’s wedding bands and engagement rings.

While we certainly offer some incredible rings in traditional styles, a lot of our options go way beyond ordinary! You may have questions about the various metals and materials we use, such as the differences in Tungsten vs Titanium.

So, in this post, we’ll answer some of those questions plus some tungsten and titanium pros and cons to help guide you through your ring decision to the perfect band for you!

Tungsten vs Titanium: The Basics

The number one question on the topic is usually “What is the difference between tungsten and titanium?” So let’s answer that first by describing the basic properties of tungsten and titanium.

Tungsten is an element that has been called “one of the toughest things in nature.” Its name comes from a Swedish word that means “heavy stone.” After it’s formed into metal, Tungsten has an incredibly high melting point, resists corrosion, and is nearly impossible to scratch. Basically, Tungsten can take a lot of pressure. (Kind of like the guys who choose to wear it!)

We go into a lot of detail about Tungsten in an earlier post on a ring we call “The Buck” if you want to dive deeper. ➡️ Read More

Titanium is also incredibly strong, but it is very lightweight. Its melting point is about half that of Tungsten, but don’t let that bother you—it melts at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. You’d basically have to fall into an active volcano in order to worry about that!

You’ll run across titanium in all kinds of places in your everyday life: airplanes, sports gear, medical equipment, implants, and even your toothpaste! So if you’re lighthearted yet strong, and good at lots of things, this is a ring choice that would represent you well.

Questions about Tungsten and Titanium Rings

  1. Are tungsten rings heavy? Unlike superlight titanium, tungsten rings are made from an incredibly dense metal. So they definitely have a “weighty” feel on the finger. However, they’re not so heavy that they’re uncomfortable to wear. You’ll just be more aware that it’s there.
  2. Do titanium rings scratch easily? While they have a higher scratch resistance than traditional softer metals (a.k.a. gold or silver), titanium rings do get scratched the most easily of all the “alternative” metals. It’s simple enough to buff out the scratches, but if you’re expecting to wear your ring in rough environments, tungsten might be a better choice—it would literally take a diamond to scratch it.
  3. Are titanium rings safe? Titanium is naturally hypo-allergenic. That’s one of the reasons it is so commonly used in biomedical implants! So from a skin allergy standpoint, titanium is safer than any other metal.
    • Side note: One of the common myths about both titanium and tungsten is that they can’t be removed in an emergency. Not true! Titanium has to be cut with a special jeweler’s saw (that most ERs should have). And while tungsten can’t be cut, it can be broken with vice grips. So titanium rings are safe to wear even if you get your fingers in trouble!
  4. Does tungsten rust? Tungsten is naturally resistant to corrosion. It will never tarnish, rust, or change colors. The ring you’re wearing today will look the same when your grandchildren inherit it decades from now. Titanium, however, can develop a bluish tone if it gets neglected which isn’t unusual for fine metals. Gold, silver, and stainless steel will all tarnish over time if not polished frequently.
  5. Does black tungsten fade? Tungsten’s natural color is dark gray. Any other color you see on a tungsten carbide ring is simply a plated coating. Over time, just like gold—anywhere from 2-5 years—those colors will fade. Most jewelers can replate a ring that has faded. Fortunately, though, tungsten is inexpensive enough that you can simply replace it down the road if you don’t like the look.
  6. Does tungsten shatter when dropped? While tungsten can’t be cut except with a diamond-tipped rotary saw, it is brittle. That’s one of the downsides of hard metals—the heavier they get, the more they shatter under pressure. However, it would take the pressure of a vice grip being squeezed with all your might to break a pure tungsten wedding band. Simply dropping it from a few feet off the ground won’t do any damage.
  7. What about titanium ring durability? Titanium wedding rings will last a lifetime! They are made from one of the most durable metals on the planet, and it takes an incredible amount of force to reshape them. If you go with titanium, you’ll be passing it down to future generations!

Where can I buy a tungsten or titanium wedding band?

Gentlemen’s Bands is a great place to get your next wedding band, whether it’s made of tungsten, titanium, rose gold, or any number of other things. (How about dinosaur bone or a meteorite? Yep, we’ve got those too!)

Find your ring size, shop by material, or just browse our collections at our online store. 

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