Care and cleaning your ring.

Dinosaur Bone/Wood Rings
These are water-resistant, not waterproof. These are sealed with a durable resin that protects the ring but try to remember not to swim or shower with it. If you need to clean the ring you can wash it with soap and water. Just remember if the wood, bone or antler inside gets wet, it will expand and ruin your ring. Obvious water damage will void your one year “no hassle” warranty.

Titanium Rings
These beautiful rings are tough but deserve to get shined up once in a while. Just wash with soap and water and finish up with a little Windex and it will look brand new.

Tungsten Rings
These super tough rings can be cleaned up with mild soap and water. Keep these away from harsh chemicals like (bleach, Lysol, etc.) Note to avoid a disaster be careful not to drop these onto a hard surface like tile floors.

Damascus/Stainless Steel Rings
These can also be cleaned up with mild soap and water. You can also use mild toothpaste and a toothbrush to scrub that stubborn grime away. Also note Stainless does NOT like Chlorine OR Salt Water, so keep this guy out of the pool.

Cobalt Chrome Rings
These can be cleaned up with mild soap and water.  Cobalt is scratch resistant but not scratch proof. If you get a scratch stop by your local jeweler for a quick buff.

Black Zirconium Rings
Use mild soap and water to clean and dry and polish.

Meteorite Inlay Rings
These are sealed with a durable jewelry resin but still avoid harsh chemicals like household cleaners, chlorine, salt water, bleach, remember meteorites travelled millions of lightyears in space to get here so take care of this beauty.  These are composed of space iron so take care of it. To clean this up use a little baking soda just be sure to dry thoroughly.

Gold Rings
Wash with mild soap and water or fine jewelry cleaner. Gold is a softer metal than the others, so it may scratch over time. You can take it to a local jeweler to get it buffed out for a small fee.

Diamond Inset Rings
Diamond inset rings should be cleaned using mild soap and water. Never use ultrasonic or steam to clean it.